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The advisory client's cases below, belongs to real clients we have worked with, throughout the years, supporting them through variety of business development processes, allowing them to increase their profitability, business expansions, sales growth and many other factors.

Each case presents a different situation and require to accommodate a different creative solution for it. The business approach is always open for new challenges and providing them with the best solution to fit the situation, the business vision and above all the owner business perspectives and targets

Based on the confidentiality of the work we do and our commitment to our clients, we can only reveal some of our client’s details, the process and success rates. We hold confidentiality for information as one of our highest business priorities.

Case Study 1 – Real estate Developer

A group of foreign investors (Germany) decided to develop a special resort in one of Romania’s regions.  The initiative started more than 10 years ago, but there was no progress in the development.

Case Study 2 – HVAC importer & Installation Company

A market leading brand with more than 40 years of operation in the HVAC domain (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), entered into financial distress.

A leading heavy machinery company that operates for more than 20 years in the market, entered into difficulties due to management changes. The situation led to the usual problems of sales decrease, employees leaving the company and more.

Case Study 4 – Online Hospitality platform -
Call Center

Leading hospitality platform, with more than 10k new reservations per day! Operating locally a call center with 500 operators, providing support to worldwide clients. The operation process has some major difficulties that effect the sales and the revenue of the company.

Case Study 3 – Heavy Machinery Company

Case Study 5 – Health & Fitness club

AA leading international Health & fitness brand, willing to enter into the Romanian market and develop a network of fitness clubs and other special health services.

Case Study 6 – Hotel & Resort

Large luxury hotel on Romania seaside entered into a financial distress situation. The hotel was newly built (3 years), but not fully constructed and was a part of very large development that was planned

A home Décor Company, operating for the last 3 years. The company import home Décor products and sell it locally, but the sales are not taking off, the clientele rate is low and the monthly costs are above the incomes. The owner have targets but no plans how to achieve them

Case Study 8 – Private football Club / Academy

Case Study 7 – Home Décor Company

A local football club entered into financial difficulties, willing to develop its activity and expand.

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