Apartment for investment Guaranteed and conservative investment property plan 





Guaranteed investment with high yields!

Mentor Capital operates and manages a guaranteed and conservative investment plan, designated for clients who are interested in a guaranteed property that generates a yearly yield.

We operate 2 channels of Apartment for investment:

  1. Apartment for investment in Bucharest – Romania (long-term rentals) - generates an average yearly yield of 7% - 10%, providing you with a complete support during the deal process & closure, along with complete property management services by our Bucharest office.

  2. Apartment for investment in Resorts in Romania (Short-term rentals) – generates an average yearly yield of 25% - 35%. Our team provides you with complete Host Management Services. We manage the complete process from A-Z (including: interior design, listing the property on different channels, key exchange, housekeeping and maintenance!). We manage all kinds of rentals and operations so you can sit back and relax. 
    For more information on our Host Management Services, please click here

We operate from a business perspective that aims to enable private investors (small and medium sized) to be the owners of investment apartments in Romania, without the need of managing it or taking care of any other problem connected to the property, all these, while carefully selecting quality investments managed and operated by the best experts in the Romanian real estate market.

Our experience in the field and familiarity with the local real estate market for more than a decade has enabled us to create the ultimate investment combination for the conservative investor which combines ownership on local property along with high yield to the investor.​

How we choose the investment apartment ?


  • New Projects: We are in continuous communication with local leading developers and construction companies which are during different stages of the project and in preferable locations. Choosing a new project or a project in construction stages will assure a continuous guarantee period which allows peace of mind for the buyer for any circumstances under the guarantee law in Romania. Further to that, buying a new apartment guarantees that the property is free from any pledges, liabilities or former owners who can suddenly appear.

  • Location: Our market research department in Mentor Capital conducts a thorough market study research on a quarterly basis. The market research analyzes the trends in the rental real estate market. By the report analysis, we identify the right locations for every investor, by prioritizing the locations which identify as recommended and “easy” to rent – all this work is done for the benefit of long term operations and maximizing the yearly yields on the property. All the investment apartments we choose for our clients are located in the Bucharest center area or other key locations which allow the apartment to be rented quickly.

  • Price: The combination between the right buying time of the apartment, the location and the rent prices are the leading factors in determining the right price for every apartment or property, knowing the market is a key factor in entering into negotiation with the seller, as well as knowing the local “game rules”.


Complete Property Management – Before, during and after buying the Property

Mentor Capital offices are located in Bucharest, Romania and are not operating under any other broker agencies.

All the services provided by Mentor Capital are direct to the client and through an expert team which can offer support in the following languages: English, Romanian, Russian, Hebrew

The Services provided by Mentor Capital:


Before the Acquisition:

  • Locating several properties according to your investment profile (investment amount, yield, lessee)

  • Escorting the investor in Romania during the property presentation and participating in the negotiation alongside the investor or representing him completely in the acquisition process.

  • Legal advisory and support during the property acquisition.

  • Tax planning and preparation of the financial structure in Romania.

  • Company formation in Romania (in case of need) and complete management services (accounting, financial reports, applying reports to the tax authorities, pay taxes and state fees)

  • Opening a local bank account.

  • Trustee services​.

Post-Acquisition Services:

  • Locating lessees to the property.

  • Rent contract management.

  • Rent fees collection.

  • Periodic visits to the property.

  • Handling property malfunctions – providing phone response to lessees.

  • Coordination of special repairs – (an electrician, a plumber...)

  • Payment of taxes to the authorities on behalf of the investor.

In addition to the service above, please review our dedicated Host Management Services – click here

Important note

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory is one of the Romanian leading real estate investment companies and legal services provider, we do not provide services which are not related to this professional domain, such as: entertainment locations, bachelor parties, nightlife, etc.’

The administrative team of Mentor Capital will be glad to coordinate for our prospect clients the hotel accommodation, transportation and other means related directly to the investor businesses with Mentor Capital.

Examples of recent transactions:

Buying Price: 55,000€
Monthly Rent: 480€
Annual yield: 9.82%
Buying Price: 61,000€
Monthly Rent: 480€
Annual yield: 9.44%
Buying Price: 82,000€
Monthly Rent: 700€
Annual yield: 10.24%
Buying Price: 67,000€
Monthly Rent: 520€
Annual yield: 9.31%
Buying Price: 77,000€
Monthly Rent: 650€
Annual yield: 10.13%
Buying Price: 48,000€
Monthly Rent: 400€
Annual yield: 10.00%
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