Business Diagnosis & Assessment Tool – BDAT

MCBA Business Diagnosis & Assessment Tool – BDAT®, is a special technological platform developed by our IT division in Israel and serve internationally. BDAT® combines thousands of business case studies and different management variables into a sophisticated analysis process which indicates the exact process problems / business problems and provide with detailed options to resolve them.

The system is used to save time and money while directing the process to the right problems which will be supported by professional business development experts which operate within the process.

The system is used in any development process we do with client and the diagnostic process is done in the beginning stage of the work.

MCBA Business Diagnosis & Assessment Tool – BDAT® operates on businesses and also on executive personnel analysis, providing with a different set of questions. the complete BDAT® process, which is done upon starting teh activity, is combined from 100 business questions.

Try out for FREE, a short BDAT process (10 questions) and receive a short report, indicating your business / Executive performance setbacks.

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