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How do we choose our investments?

Mentor Capital's guaranteed investment model, integrates a large number of elements for the project selection within the analysis basic procedures, incorporating models for risk assessment, supervision and control throughout the process, and effective guarantees to ensure the investment, so that at the end of the screening process, only those projects that meet strict standards are chosen, to ensure the return on investment and the predetermined yield / profits.

We fully trust each and every projects we present to our investors! Therefore we cannot consider any other way, but to join in together and have “skin in the game”. As a part of Mentor Capital strategy, our company will invest a similar amount to the one collected via the investment group.


What is the Investment Committee?

A special investment committee includes an engineering team, legal / taxation team, valuation team and marketing and sales team, who jointly examine each project submitted to the company, in order to build the risk model and decide whether the project meets the required entry rules.

When the project is presented to investors, it has actually passed the internal approval process to ensure that it meets all the criteria shown in detail on this page!

The investment selection process is divided into the following stages:

  1. Project Feasibility evaluation

  2. Approval of the developer / project suppliers

  3. Engineering analysis

  4. Legal due diligence / taxation

  5. Risk analysis and project approval

  6. Presentation to investors

  7.  Supervision, Monitoring  and control


Project Feasibility evaluation
Risk analysis and project approval
Presentation to investors
Legal due diligence / taxation
Engineering analysis
Approval of the Developer
Supervision, Monitoring  and control
  • Examining the experience of the Developer / suppliers and their success in previous projects

  • Evaluation of the developer financial durability

  • Meeting the “handover dates” of previous projects

  • Ability to provide guarantees and collateral for the project completion

  • The project is thoroughly examined financially along with preliminary risk analysis.

  • Examination of the business plan, including selling prices in the area and project costs.

  • Examining the marketing and sales plan of the project.

  • Local regulations, authorizations and permits.

  • Validating the complete project & transaction feasibility.

  • The project is presented for preliminary approval by the Project Approval Committee, which includes experts from various professional domains.

  • In this preliminary process, the terms of the return on investment and guarantees are approved

  • A skilled team of engineers analyzes the project's plans and design

  • Approval of the design / plans towards local engineering regulations

  • Compatibility of the architectural / engineering plan with the economic plan (quantities, construction costs, etc.)

  • Approval of the project location in relation to a local utility features (gas pipelines, lakes,
    road development etc'...

  • Preparing a final risk analysis report, following all the information collected.

  • The project is presented for final approval to the project approval committee and after its final approval, presented to the investors

  • Review and approve all the legal documents

  • Formulating the legal structure of the transaction with all parties

  • Formulation of the tax structure.

  • Examination of the proposed guarantees and collateral.

  • Verify the feasibility of liens in favor of the investors

  • In each project a trustee is appointed to carry the responsibility for the transfer of funds between the investor group and the developer

  • Mentor Capital's team of experts directly monitors the projects and the progress.

  • Accounting firm and a lawyer are integrated in the monitoring process.

  • Progress / update reports are sent quarterly to the investors.

  • Regular updates and maintaining direct contact with the investor

  • The project is presented to investors with full transparency through all aspects of the investment.

  • The investment conditions and the guaranteed yield / profit are defined contractually

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