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The path for a change is an amazing & inspiring one.

We are sharing real life executive coaching success stories that were selected from hundreds of successful client journeys.

The below stories, aim to provide cross industry examples of the depth of our coaching process and all the incredible life changing outcomes that resulted and were obtained throughout the processes.

We respect and protect the confidentiality of our clients and thus we do not reveal any type of private information within the stories below.


Keeping up against all odds

Struggling HR manager overcomes “corporate-political” obstacles along with the CEO’s demotivating attitude.

Country of counseling: Romania


When ego strikes...

Two partners are learning how to joint their own egos to gain success.

Country of counseling: Israel


Adapting a new working environment

Senior Marketing manager seeing her entire lifework collapsing as a result of M&A with a larger company.

Country of counseling: Netherlands


CEO against "the world"

When everything is falling apart, he regains his strengths to overcome the challenges.

Country of counseling: Netherlands

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