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Venture Capital Division


Mentor Capital Holdings BV (MCH) is a Dutch Holding & Venture Capital Company, operating and investing through its subsidiary companies worldwide.
Having a global focus, we invest in innovative Technology Startups that our experts consider to be the next Unicorn.

We created a professional and accurate process, touching base with all aspects, business development & marketing expertise, along with internal financing and fundraising from different channels.  We make the right ecosystem for the startup, by bringing together all parties.

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towards the next UNICORN

For us at Mentor Capital Holdings BV (MCH), leading the development of the technology startups revolution is more than investing.

We are committed to building together a journey towards success, providing start-ups with our capabilities in all stages of their development and helping them reach the highest peak.

By working closely with us, you will gain access to the commercialization and expansion of your business model by relying on close relations in the financial industry, the best business advisory and strategy towards our mutual targets, and an unparalleled global and local network.

MCH Investment ticket

We offer wise investment tailored to each startup depending on its development stage and several other factors that our analysis team constantly considers.

Our starting point is an investment of up to €500k in innovative financial acceleration support, including strong support on product, development, strategy, go-to-market, pitching, and more.

Unlike any local VC, we operate worldwide, cooperating with international funds, creating sophisticated financial structures that attract different funding channels. 
Our "in progress" investment ticket is up to

MCH's founding team has strong experience in entrepreneurship, building both global and regional products for different markets. We have helped startups go from idea to funding, scaling, and exit successfully.

Startup profile

To become a part of our special investment and development program, you must be unique!

We believe that a successful start-up is evaluated by the synergy between the innovative idea, the startup’s leading personnel and the touch of our experts and financiers.

We look for:



Startups in the pre-seed stage or very early stage.




Tech & Product - Devices' production line is supported.




Mature companies with a new innovative concept that are looking to re-launch it as a startup initiative.




Founders with a vision and target to access big markets, being able to learn and adjust according to the market requirements.




The domain of activity: any Technology related and IP ambitious startups.


Chosen startups will enter our tailored journey through a professional and accurate process, touching base with all aspects from technological support, business development & marketing experts to internal financing and fundraising from different channels. 


Unfortunately, most startups will get a “No Go”, but we will always explain why and what they need to improve, so they can fix, develop, and return to us, once again, for re-evaluation.

What do we offer?

Capital Investment

Innovative funding promotes your continuous growth and accurately covers your need in development. Support to boost your Startup idea into a viable product while simultaneously accessing potential funding sources for upcoming investment rounds.

In-Depth Market Analysis
& Feasibility Studies

Our analysis experts from different domains, conduct in-depth analysis and thorough market research to maximize the Startup's success.  We reveal your weak points and propose immediate solutions to tackle them.

Technological Advisory

Startups usually have unique technology needs and face different barriers. We provide a 360-degree solution for your startup. Our top tech advisors offer you consultation, planning and execution in any possible aspect to boost your startup.

Test your Solution
with Real Customers

We offer a particular testing program in different markets with real potential Clients / Users, that provides feedback about your product before you launch it into the market or participate in the Investment round.

Capital Structure &
Organizational Structure

Our financial experts develop the proper capital structure to ensure the appropriate financial standards that are required to attract investors and financial entities to your tech startup.

Business Development &
Deep industry expertise

Your startup is not only a product, but a full-length intensive business that needs to be maintained in all aspects. Therefore, we eliminate the daily management distraction and allow you to concentrate solely on the project development.

Digital Marketing & brand
awareness coverage

While you are still developing and improving, a dedicated marketing team spreads the word on your startup, alerting investors to check it out and preparing the ground for the next investment round.

Marketing & sales planning
and implementation

Our expert develops and launches the marketing and sales of the product in different target markets, using our international connections and professional network. We also support you in scaling to new needs and demands.

MCH Global Network

Access to our extensive network, combining market leaders from the tech and financial domains that analyze, review, and support your product from different aspects.

MCH Committee

Since our ultimate target is optimizing our startup's selection process, we have incorporated a special committee that operates internally.​ The MCH committee includes market-leading experts from different domains, explicitly chosen according to the startup we analyze.

All those experts are jointly examining the startup submitted to the company and based on different analysis modules; they decide whether the startup meets the required entry rules and has the MCH potential to become a successful one.


Leading the MCH Committee is

Mr. Alon Peled - CEO & board Chairman 

Mentor Capital Holdings BV



For more than 2 decades, we have developed startups, invested and participated in different financial structures, expanded, developed, and finalized successful business exits 8 times in the last 10 years. We watch the market evolve and the new standards that dictate the future of startups.

It is not only having an innovative idea but also having the right supportive structure around you, that gives you 360 degrees of coverage by all the elements.
Our success rate is part of our unique synergetic development and the proper access to funds and marketing capabilities.

Are you the special one?

Do you have the right startup that will change the world? 

Do you want to take it to the next level and big markets?


Fill out the application form in our Holding company site:

Our Analysis team will review your application, and in case we find it interesting and that it has the potential to be part of our Startups portfolio, you will be invited for a discussion, where you will be able to present your startup to our Group President and other board members.

you can also email us supportive materials / executive summary to:

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