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Our legal experts have relevant experience and the ability to consider multiple perspectives and options. We don’t over-engineer, instead, we bring the right people with the right skills together to successfully conclude any transaction. 

This approach has earned us a reputation for creativity and innovation.

Our advisors are involved in every deal, from the first contact throughout to completion, taking care to be responsive and accessible along the way.

As a group, we have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries in which current and past clients operate.


Legal expertise

Our lawyers provide legal services in a full spectrum of corporate and commercial law:

  • Competition issues and franchising 

  • Complex commercial agreements and long-term supply agreements

  • Corporate governance

  • All types of commercial agreements (e.g. Sale-purchase, distribution, franchise, leasing, services, production, lease, consultancy, agency, association, management)

  • All legal matters related to increase and decrease of share capital, shares sales, and purchases, the exit of shareholders, winding off, spin-off, dissolution, liquidation, and bankruptcy

  • Financial services, lending arrangements, and securities

  • Joint ventures, partnerships and co-ownership structures (establishing and restructuring)

  • Managed investment schemes

  • Corporate restructuring

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and divestments

  • Privacy and data protection

  • Private and public fundraising and IPO's

  • Venture capital and private equity

  • Collective and individual employment-related matters

  • Employee and management benefit plans


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