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One of the major aspects when operating company in a new country and a new market is related to the legal risks associated
with the regulatory framework.

During years of activities within our own investments, as well with various clients and companies we supported throughout their growth, we acknowledged that legal advisory without a business development & marketing orientation may jeopardize a good transaction and in many cases a “risk free” approach may lead to a “no deal” situation.

In order to avoid that, we developed our own law firm to be integrated within our provided services.
We incorporated our business development senior consultants within every meeting held with our lawyers, exactly in order to avoid any kind of blockage which can lead to loss of good opportunities.

Our lawyers are always in line with the corporate strategies and business development approach, providing you with the security to move ahead and reduce current & future risks without affecting your growth.


​Our law firm provides consistent legal advisory to support your market entry to the Romanian market, throughout all the stages -


  • Presentation of the Romanian legislation which is relevant for your business domain while focusing on the potential risks

  • Setting up your company - Company registration, obtaining authorizations and licenses required for your busines activity, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Advising on the corporate governance and compliance issues, including management contracts, voting rights and shareholders’ agreements, increase or decrease of share capital, etc.

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all types of commercial contracts related to your business operations. eg. rent, leasing, distribution, partnership, joint-venture, franchise, loan, mandate, agency, assignment, construction, maintenance, security, mortgage, insurance, etc.

  • Providing legal input for your day-to-day operations and business decisions making processes.

  • Assistance on winding off, spin-off, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy procedures

  • And more.

More info about our services for foreign companies :

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