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Online Hospitality platform - Call Center

Shareholders Nationality: Romania & United Kingdom   Country of Operation: Romania

Case Study background:

An online hospitality platform, one of the leading hotel booking & reservation providers, with more than 10k new reservations per day! Operating locally a call center with 500 operators, providing support to worldwide clients.

The operation process has some major difficulties that effect the sales and the revenue of the company. After throughout analysis we identified several major challenges.

Case 4 Hospitality.png

The Challenges:

  1. Clients complaining about fraud cases which are unrelated to the reservation, but due to technical issues that exist in the system and in the hotels systems, some of the reservations don’t reach the hotels.

  2. Fraud reports are damaging dramatically the rating scores of the company and every month the sales are dropping

  3. Management structure of 1 manager.

  4. Lack of operators skills that effect the sales targets of incoming calls.

  5. Struggling in recruitment of employees and retention.



  1. Goal 1 – After identifying the barrier in the process funnel we consulted with a technical support team in order to overcome the technical barrier and create a flow process.

  2. Goal 2 – clearing the brand reputation and transform him to become once again, a trusted brand.

  3. Goal 3 – re-organize the management structure of the operation part, to allow fast management control in real time.  

  4. Goal 4 – developing the sales skills of the operators and increase their sales results

  5. Goal 5 – recruit new employees and make the current one stay.



  1. We succeeded to guide a technical team in identifying the process funnel problems. Technical adjustment were done accordingly and the process flow was boosted based on our targets.

  2. A special online reputation management plan was developed and executed by our online social media brand (EVO-MCBA). The brand was monitored worldwide and responds to client were fast and accurate. Through another EVO’s technological support we succeeded to increase the positive reviews in 1044%

  3. The operators were divide into teams with operation manager, increasing the stability and the work supervision.

  4. The operators were trained with a special call center support & sales training, which increase their sales ratio in 670%

  5. Retention employee program was initiated in the company with long term benefit for employees.



Our experiences working with Alon Peled and MCBA team have been nothing but the best experiences we’ve had dealing with business development and company re-organization.

They met above our highest expectations and I can confidently recommend their high quality, professional work.
If you’re working with them, I can say for sure that you are in great and safe hands.

H. Ainsworth – Group CEO

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