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International Health & Fitness club – Market entry

Shareholders Nationality: Sweden  Country of Operation: Romania

Case Study background:

A leading international Health & fitness brand, willing to enter into the Romanian market and develop a network of fitness clubs and other special health services. For more than 2 years, they try to enter the market and cannot pass the bureaucracy procedures and state regulation to operate their business.  Further to that, the market is crowded with fitness clubs that aim to the local population, while in our case, the company is targeting high level clients.

case 5 fitness.png

The Challenges:

  1. Issue the required business authorizations and follow all state regulations to launch the business in a very short time.

  2. Evaluate if the concept is suitable to the Romanian market.

  3. Limited financial budget – after 2 years budget was spent already with no progress.

  4. No client lists, no market

  5. No trained employees – as special fitness training is needed by the brand which is done abroad.



  1. Goal 1 – prepare the company complete file of approvals and pass the procedures.

  2. Goal 2 – Adjust the company concept into the local market and develop their strategies accordingly.

  3. Goal 3 – having a detailed financial plan and cash flow, to control the progress. 

  4. Goal 4 – knowing better the market, the client, pricing and all data that will influence on the marketing & sales plan.

  5. Goal 5 – recruit new employees with professional abilities and train them in fast process.



  1. We succeeded to issue for the company all the authorizations needed for operation in 4 months.

  2. The club concept was adjusted to approach different types of clients in different locations.

  3. A complete detailed business plan, financial plan and cash flow plan were developed.

  4. A thorough marketing study was done. Having the entire data, we created an aggressive sales plan, suitable for the existing market. The sales plan was resulted in great success which lead for the opening of several new branches before the scheduled time.

  5. A franchisee network was developed and launched in Romania, making the brand one of the leading fitness brands in Eastern Europe.

  6. New employees were recruited, while the training was moved to Romania, shorten the process and reduced the costs. Making employees available to start in rapid way.

MCBA team led by Alon Peled is one of the most outstanding professionals, I have met in my career.  
Besides the fact that he is a strong strategic individual, he has the remarkable ability to quickly identify business complexities and challenges and through that, define an ambitious and realistic action plan, secure commitment of stakeholders while ensuring the implementation in a remarkably efficient way.

F. Engström - Partner

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