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Private football Club / Academy

Shareholders Nationality: Romanian   Country of Operation: Romania

Case Study background:


A local private football club with 350 registered players from different ages. The football club is operating for a few years while in the last years the number of players is reduced as there are more attractive clubs in the area. There is a financial problem as many payments due to the club are not done and not collected properly. In the same time the system is overloaded with many players and things are out of control.

The Challenges:

  1. Many payments are lost in the system and not collected from the players / clients.

  2. The club financial situation and the cash flows are negative- is not good as the costs are very high.

  3. A high competition rate from new clubs that just joined the market

  4. No leverage to make the club superior on other clubs.



  1. Goal 1 – creating an internal order, working flow and reporting in the club from different aspects – client, financial, products.

  2. Goal 2 – developing a suitable financial recovery plan to stabilize the situation and later on to allow growth.

  3. Goal 3 – analyzing the market and the competitors through many aspects (pricing, proposals, locations...)

  4. Goal 4 – creating a “facelift” to the club and create the leverage needed in all aspects. While creating more products.



  1. A new CRM system was installed alongside with specific regulations for operation. This process created a monthly charge plan that benefit the clients based on the payment and increased the payment ratio by 266% -  from 30% to 88%

  2. A financial plan and cash flow were developed, while a detailed cost report was done and the costs were decreased by efficient operation in 47%. 

  3. The club has gone through a “facelift” process, developed new products and increased the player number in 32%

  4. The new products segment developed to generate an increase of 68% in the company income from the previous services that was provided.


For so many years we managed the business on “auto mode” without thinking of the next steps or looking at the market development.
With MCBA we managed to adjust our self to a dynamic market and achieve an amazing growth

B. Rotaru - Club Owner

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