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In a world where the demands for energy are growing exponentially, those operating in the energy sector are looking to their lawyers to provide more than legal skills; they are also seeking in-depth sector know-how and innovative solutions to the challenges they face.


MCBA's energy lawyers deliver to our clients the focused, innovative sector advice they need, wherever in the world they need it.

We are entering an era of unprecedented demand for power generation and transmission, especially within emerging economies.

This dynamic, together with the challenges we all face from climate change, is creating new opportunities for alternative energies and new technologies.

Our energy clients receive coordinated, across-the-board coverage for their needs, including construction and projects, corporate, competition, regulatory, contractual, trading, litigation/arbitration, dispute resolution, and tax issues.

We understand the technical, geographical, commercial and geopolitical factors that shape the industry and have first-hand access to contacts, sponsors and decision-makers worldwide.

We advise regulators, investors and other industry participants on the implications of the regulatory framework during the planning, development and operational stages of many energy projects and activities.


Legal expertise

Our Energy lawyers provide legal services in relation to:

  • Regulatory matters related to conventional and renewable electricity generation, Distribution and transmission, Oil and gas exploration, production and refining, Electricity and gas trading and supply.

  • Incentives granted for energy generated from renewable sources

  • Representation in front of the relevant regulatory authorities

  • Preparation of the permitting and authorizations file

  • Advise on the trading platforms’ regulations

  • Legal matters arising from the establishment, erection, equipment procurement, interconnection, permitting, commissioning and operating power plants

  • Drafting and negotiation of sale purchase, joint operation, EFET, concession, distribution, EPC, O&M agreements.

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