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Our Environment and Sustainability division benefits from our people’s hands-on experience gained working both with and within planning authorities. Coupled with our work for the private sector, this enables us to provide our clients with practical, strategic and knowledgeable advice in relation to environmental, planning and regulatory issues.

We act for developers, institutional and other owners, investors, financiers, construction companies, energy, and utility and other infrastructure providers, resource companies, government departments, and agencies, including the NSW Department of Planning, local Councils, consultants and others involved in the development, management and regulation of property, natural resources and infrastructure projects.

In addition to providing advice on planning and environmental laws, we have a strong reputation in connection with transactional issues, advocacy, and mediation.

Legal expertise

Our Environment lawyers provide legal services in relation to:

  • Green buildings and infrastructure

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Emissions reporting and trading

  • Obtaining, defending and challenging consents, permits, licenses and other approvals

  • Allocation of risk and liability in connection with the acquisition disposal and development of land, including contaminated sites

  • Pollution incidents

  • Environmental and planning and other prosecutions

  • Environmental compliance and due diligence

  • Environmental permitting and compliance matters

  • Environmental risk assessment

  • Biodiversity

  • Waste management

  • Privatizations or developing projects in various industries

  • Water regulations

  • Resumptions, land compensation and the valuation of land

  • Native vegetation and threatened species legislation

  • Drafting and negotiating agreements or contractual clauses regarding the separation of environmental liabilities

  • Other areas of the law concerning the use, development, and management of land and resources and the carrying out of infrastructure projects

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