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Exit Planning, Solutions & Management (EPSM)

After years of operation in the Business Exit sector, we are constantly working to support effective EPSM processes for all sides for the benefit of our companies and also our customers through our investment division.


  1. The seller side - Seasoned in successful business exit processes, in our group of companies, as well as in our partner companies, we have concluded several businesses exits in the last years.

  2. The buyer & investor side - For the last decade, MCBA has been operating as a Private Equity investment firm, rigorously analyzing the market and choosing our investment portfolio wisely

Based on our vast know-how in the business arena and specializing in Exit strategies, Mentor Capital & Business Advisory developed a special model for an Exit strategy - Exit Planning, Solutions & Management (EPSM)


The EPSM process developed by Mentor Capital is composed of many different business disciplines, operating together in complete synergy and allowing the process to be implemented with flexibility in a variety of business domains and in different business stages.

Preparation & Exit Eligibility Services

Throughout the years, we met a large number of companies and entrepreneurs who sought to exit for different reasons. However, the majority of the companies who wish to enter an exit path, are likely to be identified as not ready nor eligible for the exit process due to many different operational and financial aspects. (E.g. Financial problems, distress situations and a variety of operational problems such as a non-functional sales department, lack of proper management and many more).

MCBA specializes in increasing the eligibility of the chosen company for starting an exit procedure.


After analyzing your business status, MCBA’s Experts will set your targets in advance and will create the entire flow of activity around them, while operating hand-in-hand with the company’s management until achieving the preliminarily determined targets to a concrete exit point.
Our focus is on the company’s growth potential while in parallel working together to resolve any distress situation that will result in extensive growth of the company’s value in the exit process.


The development process is done to ensure that the exit strategy is engaged from a position of strength and not through a weak one, all in favor of maximizing the profits and the value of the company.

Mentor Capital will keep the Rights of the first offer to become the lead Investor/Buyer within the Exit process

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