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Exit Planning, Solutions & Management (EPSM) 

The process:

The EPSM process developed by Mentor Capital is integrated by several business disciplines operating together in complete synergy and allowing the process to be implemented with flexibility in a variety of business domains and in different business stages.


Throughout the years, we met a large number of companies and entrepreneurs who seek to exit for different reasons. However, the majority of the owners who wish to to enter an exit strategy path, are likely to be identified as not ready and eligible for the process.

The reasons are diverse and may vary from – the financial problems the company faces, distress situations, tight market competitions, legal open issues, financial collection issues, a non-functional sales department, lack of proper management and many more.
MCBA philosophy states that exit must be done from a position of strength and not through a weak one.  We aim to put our companies, partners, and clients in such a position on a long term

Our process contains the following operational stages:

  1. Analyzing the company and the market it operates in (according to the domain).

  2. Identifying financial instability or financial distress situations.

  3. Identifying Marketing & Sales weaknesses, lack of proper marketing targets and low sale results.

  4. Identifying Management deficiency, which affects company development.

  5. Defining the vulnerable point and risk assessment of the company and its operation process.

  6. Analyzing the company’s vision and targets and redefining them again according to the market requirements.

  7. Effective operational steps to stabilize and develop the business activity (resolving points 2-6).

  8. Increasing the company value through a specifically tailored development strategy.

  9. Develop a detailed financial plan and establishing a solid financial forecast.

  10. Investment recruitment support – Our financial experts will directly and indirectly support your investment recruitment process via efficient Roadshow processes and potentially a direct investment from Mentor Capital sources.

  11. Finalization of the Exit strategy process.

  12. Exit point!

If you feel that one of the scenarios mentioned above matches your situation and you seek to exit your company, contact us to see how we can assist you.