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Having top of the line Financing & accounting is a priority to achieve growth and development.

Hotel accounting is not simply about managing revenue and expenses. Independent hotels and hotel franchises have unique financial needs that demand competent staff and an accounting system that will allow management to plan for the future and improve services for both guests and staff alike.

There are many aspects to consider when assessing the quality of accounting of a hotel property, including staff training, accounting software and forecasting.

MCBA expert’s team analyzes the entire hotel Financials through our financial department. We evaluate your weak points and strengthen them within our management and sales process.

Hotels have a unique set of terms and practices used for accounting, a typical from basic accounting training.

Staff must work with revenue and expenses, as well as a set of accounting practices related to varying guest room rates, late charges, room charges and online vendors.


Building together the plan:

Every hotel has a different “story”, different needs and different targets.
Some wish to solve a distress situation or willing to renovate / expand, but don’t have the investment needed.

Having MCBA on board is to assure positive results to your target. You shall set the targets and we shall evaluate it through the financial process in a resourceful and efficient ways.

Operating under our professional management, will allow your hotel to attract investment, bank loans and also resolving distress situations. MCBA team will represent you in front of banks and other financial institutions and provide you with the best option in every domain.

Financial Services


Our financial services vary and accumulate ALL the needed financial services / reports to operate and develop your hotel.


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