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Your staff is the most valuable components of your organization, so it’s crucial that you find the right people and prepare them for success. From benefit plans to morale monitoring, MCBA can assist in taking care of those who take care of your business.

A role of the HR department is to recruit good employees and train them to become great employees who enjoy serving others, achieving a high level of customer service along with other primary role, to lead and support senior management and department heads in all aspects of recruitment, orientation, training and development, employment issues, staff relations, and organizational development.

The effectiveness of today’s hospitality HR Management team is substantially dependent on a good relationship with all department heads.  They must be self-motivated, with an intrinsic desire to see others succeed. They must be able to recognize potential in others and assist in their development.

Finally, they must be able to either do it themselves or lead a small team to focus on the desired results and changes needed for continuous improvement.

The hotel HR management services also include the following points:


  • Recruitment & benefits plan

  • In-house recruitment process (advertising, interviewing, recruitment)

  • Developing external sources for recruitment (schools, HR agencies, head hunting etc.)

  • HR contract & legal validation

  • Training plans & implementation


And more.


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