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One of our main core advisory fields is the Hotel Management & Operations domain, with a special dedicated expert team having long term international experience.
Our management team will run and operate your hotel in the most successful and professional way, targeting to the owner goals to be achieved.


MCBA's hotel management & operational service, allows us to operate efficiently hotels In all sizes, while solving distress situations, increasing the operational activities, financial incomes and support further hotel development, along with financial investment (on a case by case).


As a premium management company, our highly dedicated team of savvy professionals, together with our deeply resourced company, possess an unassailable skill set required to generate industry high profit margins, capture impressive market share, and deliver highly personalized customer service.
Our hotel management expert team understands how to deliver results through successful operating strategies which combines economies of scale with agility and leveraging the necessary resources to achieve investment goals. The diverse company portfolio, managed by our experts, of hotels provides experience in all markets and property types including city center/urban hotels, suburban properties, boutique hotels, and airport properties.

The Benefits of MCBA Hotel Management & Operation:

The MCBA expert team is not only operating & managing the hotel, but will also structure with you, the future targets of the hotel.

  • Doing the entire work for you. Allowing the owner with the freedom, not to attend any management & operational aspect.

  • Operating at a professional level and increasing your revenues and sales.

  • Resolving distress situations with suppliers, authorities, banks & workers .

  • Developing other attractions and niches within your existing facilities and usage of the surfaces in better efficient and profitable mode.

  • Capital Investment to the hotel for further expansion, growth or development, through our private equity firm and subordinate to our investment guidelines. Click here for more data.

  • Ability to direct the operations to an exit point and sell a profitable yield generating project to a fund or private investors.

  • Operating at a high level with professional and international reporting system which allow more financial possibilities from local and foreign banks.

  • Merger & Acquisition to an international hotel network.

Hotel management & Operation development  Phases:

MCBA Operates in a 3 stages plan:


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