Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) is a private investment company and a strategic investor.
We provide companies with capital investment and unique financial instruments to achieve growth and solve situations of distress, focusing on companies throughout all parts of Europe.


MCBA provides private investments for companies in a variety of business sectors.
We are acting and operating as a strategic investment partner, assuring the needed investment for the company along with optimizing the company structure, in order to maximize the business strategy, operational process, strategic options, profitability, and financial durability, essential elements for assuring its growth.

Our investment strategy targets companies that seek growth and expansion or wish to solve a situation of distress through a balanced strategy and by financial investment along with structuring the company’s activity for medium and long term results.

MCBA represents the ideal formula of a professional private equity investment company and strategic investor, having the know-how on how to assure the company’s growth through the needed investment process and liquidity.

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) provide capital investment for companies In Romania (locals and international)

Mentor Capital operates as investors, not as speculators, therefore, we are choosing only performance-proven & long term investments, assuring that the chosen company’s strategy will reach its goals.


Our financial liquidity allows us to adjust the right financial investment needed for any business situation, from Non-performing loans (NPL) coverage up to a special expansion investment that is required for the growth of the company.


We choose our investments very carefully, after in-depth validating that the proposed company has the ability to reach the targets and expand its services with our advisory and funding.

We do:
  • We are open to analyze any domain & industry

  • We can evaluate companies in distress who are looking to get out and resolve their issues.


We do not:

  • We do not provide loans or credit  - ONLY investments


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