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Not all companies are ready and capable to receive our investment (or any investment at all), due to financial problems, distress situations, large financial obligations or even operational problems (such as a non-functional sales department).

In the cases MCBA identifies a distress situation, we are focusing on the growth potential of the company and share the market risk with you, by working together to resolve the stress and increase the investment potential.

We set your targets in advance and create the entire flow of activity around it while operating ‘hand in hand’ with the company’s management until achieving the preliminary determined factors and targets to a point of which we inject the investment into the company.

Who are our clients?

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory is a global management advisory firm that provides services to a wide range of business institutions, from market-leading companies, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and non-Profits Organizations.

We support our clients in creating long-lasting improvements to their performance and growth while achieving their business targets.

​Throughout the years, we have been working with all kinds of companies and institutions seeking to boost their results and create new markets.

Our clients are varied and arrive from all the domains & industries.
  • Senior Managers / Shareholders

  • Medium / Large business entities (with different distress situation or just Business development issues)

  • Medium / Large yield Projects (with long term operational activities - Hotels, resort, industrial factories, etc'.)

  • Financial institutions

  • Medium / Large business entities with exit strategy requirement 

  • Public sector & city halls

  • and many more


No matter the business challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results and equipping our clients with the ability to grow and lead.

Our professional advisers work alongside clients over long periods to help develop marketing & sales skills, managerial & workforce skills, Operational process improvement and apply new working methods.


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