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Residential, Logistics & Commercial

The Romanian Real estate Market

Romania bundles together some of the most promising business opportunities the CEE can offer, 
as one of the most competitive and dynamic economies in the European Union.

With a rich history in business and trade, Romania has evolved through technology, making today the best time ever for an investment into Romania’s future.

According to data released by EUROSTAT, in 2016, Romania posted an economic growth of 6%, the biggest among European Union member state and the fastest economic growth advanced since 2008.


2016 was the year which emphasizes the uprise of the residential real estate domain after the European economic crisis. The real estate stability factors and market prices were set and the market shown large growth.

Residential real estate projects are developed all over Romania, while the price per m2 is rising while costs of construction and manpower are still low. All those factors create attractive opportunities for investors and developers.

About MCBA

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) is a real estate development company formed to take advantage of investment opportunities in South Eastern Europe (SEE) and Central Eastern Europe (CEE) markets, with a primary focus on properties located in Romania.

The company operates in different activities in Romania since 2005 and renewed its real estate activities in 2016 after the finalization of the financial crisis and the emerging of new exquisite opportunities in the Romanian market.

MCBA has a deep understanding of the Romanian real estate market, excellent work capabilities, projects track record and wide network of established partnerships and relationships with various banks, governmental & local authorities and others.


Unlike the usual format of local investment companies, we are acting in a different target oriented approach, as we are not only looking for investments but we are also creating & developing them.
Our team of real estate experts develops and manages the entire project phases until finalizing the entire sales / EXIT.

Our operations with investors / partners are based on a complete cycle when our partners receive its investment back with the targeted profits. All the local operations are done by MCBA team based on exclusive representation office / services.

How can we collaborate:


MCBA develops, starts & operates a fully “in house” local representative office for multinational companies who wish to operate within Romania.
The format is optimized to reduce costs, while working efficiently and in low risks format.

Through the local office, our team sustains the following objects:

  • Allocate new transaction and business opportunities all over Romania and the surrounding countries.

  • Representing in front of the government officials, while using our local contacts network, for participating successfully in tenders and support the execution process until a desired exit.

  • Exposing our partners to our financial network & key figures in the banking system.
    Local representation in front of banks and other financial institution, for the benefit of leveraging any investment requested for the projects / company growth.

  • Providing hands on operations for any project in the real estate / commercial domain – marketing, sales, lease, operations.

  • Developing proactively new Real estate projects to be implemented throughout Romania, along with allocating the right financing structure.

  • Create local consortiums in case it is needed for further project implementation or tendering process


And much more…


Our team of experts is already experienced in the above segments and operations established in different projects which are part of our portfolio.

MCBA has been promoting and signed more than 1,700 successful governmental bids, developed marketing plans & strategies for large real-estate projects, conducted financial transactions with complicated international financial structures by foreign / local banks.

Our advantages:

  • Local specialty - MCBA specialized & operates in the Real estate domain in Romania since 2005.

  • Local network - Our vast networks of key figures, allow us to resolve situations and achieve efficient progress during the operations.

  • Multidisciplinary team - Our local team of experienced professionals includes development, management, financing, planning & engineering, marketing and sales.

  • Financial solution oriented - MCBA owns a local financial service company, Mentor Finance, which coordinated a lot of real estate projects in Romania, with vast know how and firmly established banking relations.

  • Supporting local leverage - Our experience allows us to leverage any investment in low risk factors.

  • Projects Preparation & Development - We specialize in developing projects from A to Z, while supporting all process phases including marketing and sales.

  • Track record - We have proven track record of executing complicated Real estate & financial transactions including zoning changes, planning, financing, architecture, work with municipalities and a wide experience with funds / institutions.

  • Reducing the risks - We are strongly familiar with the tax & legal regulations, as we have 2 efficient specialist teams, which are integrated within every project we are involved in, aiming to secure our investment and reduce the risks.

  • Foreign management – MCBA management integrates foreign magnet along with local one, providing the western working standards in emerging market and developing country locations.

  • Cost reduction – working with an exist team, located already within the local office, reduces your relocation costs (and risks) which are associated with the transition of your management to a new location, allowing your firm to evaluate the entering process to a new market at low risks and optimized prices

  • And above all – We are here!
    Our top management team is located in Romania, close to the projects and to the heart of the activity with the continuance target to grow the portfolio within this zone and keep a close control related to the projects & asset performance.

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