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MCBA Real Estate Projects division 

Are you seeking an investment?

Apply for MCBA fund

MCBA is offering investment for companies and projects which
meet our selection process.


Mentor Capital & Business Advisory, a private investment firm, provides capital and different type of investments to many projects and companies all over Europe.

Our portfolio range from office buildings, residential, hotels, and elderly care homes.

Once your project/company meets the eligibility criteria, we can offer complete investment and support you with advisory, management, and marketing solutions, from concept to complete implementation. We target to bring your project into financial optimization securing the development throughout the entire project stages.

How we select our projects/companies?

Mentor Capital's investment committee meets monthly to discuss all the proposals from developers who wish to benefit from our investment capacities and propose their projects to be financed through our investor groups.


For the period of 2021, we are currently analyzing the following eligible projects/ companies: ​

1.    Investment size – larger than 1.5 Million Euro

2.    Real estate – no limitation for project size – mandatory to have the land or other assets fully owned by the developers

3.    Companies (non-startups) – no limitation for the company’s domain of activity  - mandatory to have assets under the company/owner names

4.    Projects: no limitation for the projects domain of activity  - mandatory to have assets under the company/owner names.

The analysis process is done in house and internally by our team by using efficient financial methodologies and in a rapid process:​

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