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We fully trust each and every projects we present to our investors! Therefore we cannot consider any other way, but to join in together and have “skin in the game”. As a part of Mentor Capital strategy, our company will invest a similar amount to the one collected via the investment group.


The process of registering as an investor with Mentor Capital is free of charge and allows us to present you, from time to time, investments that were analyzed and selected by us.

Please leave your details and our investment representative will get back to you soon.


Potential investment & meeting invitation


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פגישה עם המשקיע -
מצגת ותנאי השקעה בפרוייקט



Meeting with the investor- investment Presentation 

Depositing funds into the trust account

Signing the investment agreement and trustee approval


Formal trustee confirmation for the deposit


Direct investment in the chosen project


Return the principal and profits to the trust account



Return of the investment and the guaranteed profit to the investor


Distribution of profits to the Developer

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