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Conducting an initial market entry advisory is the first and essential step within our collaboration.
We will apply several measurements for any project planned by your company to be implemented in Romania, to determine whether this is a feasible and profitable one, prior the start of our collaboration.

The objective of a preliminary in-depth Market Analysis, is to assess the market potential for your products or services and to identify potential hurdles and risks.

For that purpose, all the accessible and relevant sources will be analyzed carefully, forming a comprehensive overview of the considered Romanian market sector.


In-depth market analysis shall provide the needed background for the study which determines through several business scenarios, the chosen entry strategy, including recommendations on what steps have to be taken next.

The Market Entry Strategic Development & Guidelines is a non-theory document, but a precise operational “working plan” with clear guidelines for activity starting.

The guideline is built following the market analysis report (can be based on a report you shall provide or we can conduct), along with a complete understanding we shall gather mutually via a set of meeting between you and our team.
The meeting is essential in order for us to see clearly what your vision is and integrate our ideas into an optimized working frame which eventually reduce the entry risk and increase success.

Unlike other market entry service providers, we do not provide only theory consultation.
We actually offer active participation through our local team and professional departments.

The philosophy of our involvements is based on Operational & development services while we share the risk with you for the benefit of long mutual success.
We combine our support with hands-on market entry and business development operations, along with optional financial investments.

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