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Through this process, Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) team shall conduct several discussions with the shareholders and extract important information for the purpose of analyzing the entire company status,

corporate structure, Financials, Business plans & Targets, Sales & Marketing, Legal, etc.’

The Preliminary Due-Diligence Assessment, which is done internally by your direct advisory and their team, will be evaluated firstly by our side.
In case we find that we can offer support, added value and assist you in achieving a major shift in your corporate results, then we can set mutually the method of operations and targets.

Unlike other advisory firms, we do not provide only theory consultation, we offer active participation through our local team and professional departments.
Our advisors are positioned as CEO’s, CFO’s and top managers within Mentor Group Holdings Consortium. All of them are carrying more than 15 years of active business management and successful transactions in all the domains.

As such, our advisory approach is indeed based on creating successful strategies, but mainly on proposing practical solutions for immediate implementation within your firm.

Mentor is streamlining the evaluation process, which enables fast, effective valuation and execution of a wide range of opportunities, as we understand that “Time” is an important business factor

Business Development complete cycle 

Hands-on Operational & Development  Services
Operational strategic development
Preliminary due-diligence assessment

More info about our services for local companies :

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