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Business development with optional guaranteed investment!


Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) provide unique solutions for companies in the international markets.

Unlike other market entry service providers, we do not provide only theory consultation; we offer active participation through our local team and professional departments.

​We advise to companies which are seeking for development, expansion and in some cases also look for financial investments.

We choose our Clientele / partners in a careful manner as we are willing to share the risk with you in your development, helping you in gaining and sustaining a competitive position in the Market and create a long term strategy and implementations.


Supporting your growth, developing an Exit

Mentor can also offer, in some of the cases, hands-on market business development operations, along with financial investments, according to our Private equity investment company – Mentor Finance

​By working together, we set your targets in advance and create the entire flow of activity around it. You may decide now or later about your Exit Strategy or financial investment for business expansion. However, allocating mutual goals can lead Mentor Group to initiate a guaranteed process for investment or Exit strategy based on preliminary determined factors.

Through our Private equity firm, we will assure buyout / expansion investment in medium term 3-5 years, according to our preliminary determined factors and Hand-on operational & Development services.

Mentor Finance is a private equity investment company and strategic investor, providing companies with capital investment and unique financial instruments to achieve growth and solve situations of distress, focusing on companies throughout all parts of Europe.

Please visit Mentor finance 

More info about our services for local companies :

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