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Operational & Management one stop shop


Unlike other market entry service providers, we do not provide only theory consultation; we offer active participation through our local team and professional departments.

In case you wish us to support the implementation of the “Operational Strategies & Development”, as your Operation & Management company, we may also offer you the option of sharing the market entry risk with you, helping you gain and sustain a competitive position in the Market and create a long term strategy and optimized implementations.

We do our Operational & development services while we share the risk with you for the benefit of long mutual success


Financial Investment – sharing the risk

In some of the cases, we may combine our offer of hands-on activities and business development operations, along with a financial investment by our Private equity investment company – Mentor Finance.

Through this unique process, we help our clients to gain and sustain a competitive position in the Market and create a long term strategy and implementations

Our Operational & Development services may include one or all the following aspects:

  • Hands-on Operational activities
    We do not provide only theory consultation, we offer active participation through our local team and professional departments.
    Carrying the operational risk together with you for the benefit of long and mutual success.


  • Business Development
    Identification of potential clients, niches and new markets,  creating new contacts, re-arranging the distribution channels, partners and collaborators, introduction and tendering third-party service providers, structuring a financial solutions for projects or acquisitions, resolving legal situations which disturb your growth , inability to overcome your competitors…  these (and more) are all issues that our advisors can tackle in order to boost rapidly your business performance.


  • Business Restructuring
    Initiating restructure changes in the business activity, personnel and operations.


  • Business Plans & New Strategy implementation
    Implementing of new operational activities and strategies to increase the operating efficiency and profitability


  • Integrated Law firm & legal advisory
    Having a law firm & a legal advisory department incorporated within our firm, is a major advantage. Our legal advisory has been always in connection with the corporate strategies and the business development approach, providing you with the securities to move ahead and reduce current & future risk without affecting your growth.


  • Financial Advisory & Structuring
    In collaboration with our Private Equity firm team, we can develop your growth strategies to comply with future M&A strategies or even to complete a full exit plan. 
    Developing your company’s strategies to stand in future lines with private equity funds, project finance or M&A demands, is a major advantage when you have the capacity to plan ahead!


  • Networking opportunities & introductions
    As our company involved in several international business organizations active in different markets, once your firm created a  joint venture with our group, we shall expose your products and services,  as B2B and B2C.


  • Marketing & Sales
    Providing ongoing marketing and sales services, through establishing of sales network or direct management, by a tailor made solution.


As well, provide the following services and more upon request -

  • Operation & management services

  • Legal Support

  • Accounting & Financial services

  • Client networking development

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing, Sales & Promotion

  • Brand Development

  • Public Relations

  • New Product Launch

  • Trade Show Support

  • Representation Services

  • Operation & management services

  • Development of a Distribution network

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Overseas marketing promotions

  • Special Training programs

Business Development complete cycle 

Hands-on Operational & Development  Services
Operational strategic development
Preliminary due-diligence assessment

More info about our services for local companies :

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