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Following our analysis process, in which we identify the corporate needs requested for your growth, we will provide you with an Operative Document (Action Plan) which describes in details the implementation stages according to the accumulated data from the previous studies and analysis.

Objectives & Operational Guidelines

The Operational Strategic Development guideline is a non-theory document, but a precise operational “Action Plan” with an exact guideline of the steps you are required to implement within the immediate activity in order to achieve your results.

By working together, we set your targets in advance and create the entire flow of activity around them.

Our deep business experience within the international markets throughout wide range of activities, is accumulated into these operational guidelines, in order to assure you the required business development required along with the expected business growth


Content of the Operational Strategic Development

The Document will be handling the entire operational aspects on a “full scale” approach and define the next steps need to be done on frame of:

  • Legal

  • Financial

  • HR, Recruitment & training

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Public relations

  • Financial Structuring

  • Proposed Business development methods

  • Other setbacks, which are not direct operational subjects.


Hands-on Operational & Development

Any company, who wish to create a significant change in order to boost the business, is required to implement some changes and add new approaches and strategies to their agenda.

The most important element in achieving such growth within your firm is to be correct in HOW you implement any kind of change within the daily activities.
When most of the advisor provides reports and general ideas, our approach is to work with you within the period of implementation and guide you step by step until full implementations.

Mistakes costs money and time is an asset.
As our methods are proven and tested by a “step-by-step” approach from our portfolio of clients and within our group of companies as well, we offer hands-on for an optimized process and smooth implementations, to avoid any kind of loss, both in time and money.   


Operational & Management company solutions

In case you wish us to support the implementation of the “Operational Strategies & Development”, as your Operation & Management company , we may also offer you the option of sharing the market entry risk with you, helping you gain and sustain a competitive position in the Market and create a long term strategy and optimized implementations.

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Hands-on Operational & Development  Services
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