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Advisory, planning and preparation for
meetings with investors

You only get one shot to make it happened, don’t miss it!


Raising investment from investors is a major milestone for any startup business as for many startups, it’s impossible to grow without this investment.  The process of reaching an investor is quite complex and sometimes even getting the chance to talk with an investor is a huge opportunity, and needs to be taken seriously by any business owner. Once you get the opportunity, you cannot blow it with the wrong pitch!


Getting an investment from an investor is an exciting process, which requires a deep process preparations from organizing your pitch (the one pager) and presentation (the pitch deck), the investment opportunity file preparation in a proper business investment level and of course a direct, face to face meeting (the show) that includes a complete pitching  sale process, that will highlight your business above other proposals that were presented to the same investor. 


The process involves series of business meetings with the investors, while a non-professional step in one any of these meetings, will be resulted in stopping the process  and losing the desired investment


As a leading consultancy firm and private equity investment company, MCBA represent the ideal formula of a professional advisor, leading business owners in their pitch process, and assisting them in achieving the desired investors.

looking for investment. Our special preparatory service for recruiting and investor, include and covers the entire wide range of elements needed for a successful pitch and investment allocation.


The INVESTOR pitch services.png

Our service includes the following:

  1. Investors research – back up check on potential investors you are scheduled to meet

  2. The one pager  - The page that gets you the meeting (Excutive summery)

  3. The quick pitch (the lift pitch, networking statement or a 1 minute say)

  4. The show  - Preparing you to meet with your investors and perform a once in a lifetime pitch including live Q&A

  5. Meeting preparation – timing, discussion process, body language, the sales process, handling hostile audience.

  6. Negotiation with investors - business plan, financial Plan, cash flow, ROI plan and other financial documents which required for the process

  7. Follow up process guidelines

  8. Contractual consultation – the commercial guidelines.

  9. Finalizing the positive investment process.


Business owners are not born with a recruiting investors talents… it is an acquired trait that can be achieved through understanding and learning better the process and the mindset of potential investors and funds.

It is almost impossible to start raising your investment. Without the required knowhow and all the obligatory documents in place, all of them must be done and ready to go to spot once opportunity knocks on your door and in the higests  level.

The entire process and documentation require you to do a lot of preparation, which is exactly the kind of process that MCBA will walk you through, in order to become more attractive for funding  fundable as a company.


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