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Our approach is to develop the framework and the proposed advisory process, in order to optimize the schedule and needs for each and every firm we meet.

This philosophy is in place because some companies seek for a deeper action plans while some of them actually needs to develop and boost a single element which is holding their growth (such as – Sales procedures, Marketing plan, HR situations, Financial structuring etc'.)
In such cases, we may propose an immediate Strategy & Action Plan based one single need and a clear deadline.


The bottleneck process includes 3 rapid steps:

  1. Identifying the bottleneck and its causes
    Once we have identified what is your Bottleneck and what the causes, we develop mutually a concrete action plan to tackle.

  2. Action plan -
    The action will be concrete, time efficient, budgeted to serve a single need and ready to be implemented on an immediate note.

  3. On the job implementation & monitoring -
    Our advisors will work with you based on agreed deadline and submitted schedule in order to fulfill the proposed targets.

A focused action plan carries on several advantages:

  • One Focus - One target is set, all the efforts are focused in achieving this one target (e.g. Rebuilding the sales methodology of your sales people)

  • Budgets efficiency - One target plan can be implemented by using smaller budgets

  • Balanced shift - Your firm will bear one change at a time

  • Easy implementation - a single target easy to optimize while working on the process (on the job)

  • Faster results

More info about our services for local companies :

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