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Real Estate Division

Mentor Capital’s Real estate division operates for the last 20 years within the European market as a real estate investor and co-partner for different real estate projects.  Our offices and activities in the Netherlands and Romania allow us to attract and evaluate potential projects in east and west Europe.

MCBA secured investment model was developed especially to provide the best comfort for both sides of the transaction. Securities and high profits for the investors who join us in our projects and maximize the asset value through sophisticated financial structures for the developer required the capital.

MCBA incorporates many diagnostic procedures, risk assessment models, supervision, and control throughout the process. The MCBA expert team operates as an internal committee to examine and analyze each project before it goes through our investment committee and proposes our investment groups​.

We fully trust every project we present to our investors!
Therefore we cannot consider any other way but to join in together and have “skin in the game.” As a part of Mentor Capital strategy, our company will invest a similar amount to the one collected via the investment group.

Become an investor in one or few of our selected projects.

Read all about our secures investment model.

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Investors Division

Investors Division

Become an investor in one or few of our selected projects.

Read all about our secures investment model.

Glass Buildings

Projects Division

Does your project need an investment? Review our eligibility criteria and apply for investment

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Alon Peled

CEO & Founder

Mentor Capital


"Over the years, real estate investments have been the safest and most profitable channel, combining high returns and an asset to secure the Investment. Yet, the market was "closed" and available mostly to large investors, investment funds, and huge companies that have enjoyed stable and long-term profits.

Listed companies are accustomed to taking risks when it comes to public money. Many of them have acted irresponsibly and recklessly while choosing high-risk projects and relying on illogical business plans. For the private investor who invests his savings, every Investment must be seriously and deeply considered. Therefore, we have developed a unique investment model that allows high returns of investments while providing the right guarantees to each investor.

We operate from a business perspective that aims to enable private investors (small and medium) to participate in large real estate projects through quality investments, yet, we believe that an investor is not interested in unnecessary adventures.

Mentor Capital's Investment philosophy is based on risk reduction, full transparency, financial management by a trustee and a selection of excellent projects, based on real understanding of the market in which we operate in, with great success for over two decades".

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