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Mentor Capital’s Real estate division is operating for the last 15 year, within the area of Eastern Europe. 

Throughout the years, we participated, invested and advised on many real-estate projects, real estate investments and governmental projects / tenders in Romania and the CIS Countries.

Our experience in the real-estate field and familiarity with the local real estate market for more than a decade has enabled us to create a special business approach, which is targeted to maximize your profit and minimize your risk in the real-estate projects.


Our clients range from individuals and small investors groups, up to leading real-estate investment companies. They all reach MCBA with a challenge and we are here to solve this challenge, optimize the circumstances and turn it into a profit.

Here are some examples of clients who came to us in the last few years:

  • A small group of individual foreign investors that bought lands several years ago and don’t know what to do with those lands.

  • A group of foreign investors that started a project, several years ago, but from many different reasons, the project was not finalized. 

  • A large office building, built by a leading real-estate company, but the asset development is blocked and the entire investment is in danger.

  • Hotel that was bought by an investor and the investment doesn’t work as expected.

and many more.

It doesn’t matter the case or client size, as long the client is the owner of the asset, we offer a complete advisory and management solution, from concept into complete implementation, bringing your project into financial perfection and dealing with the entire project stages.

Please note - We are NOT dealing with asset brokering or asset sales.
We will only support the sales process after the asset is developed into a yield profitable opportunity based on an optimized and feasible concept which was crafted and tested within our work.



First, we analyze the asset from different factors, identifying alternative solutions according to the market and creating a project concept subordinate to all the gathered factors and the client targets for ROI and future development.

Then, we support & advise you throughout the real-estate development stages:

  1. Concept creation – we create the accurate project concept for assets, based on different factors, business criteria and the client’s target. In some cases, we only adjust and fine-tune the current concept, so it can fit exactly in the market.

  2. Financial models creation – we always start from the end- how the client reassure his investment and targeted ROI and what need to be done to reach it.

  3. Concept analysis and marketing feasibility, both are critical elements that can ease up the fundraising / sales process and influence the sales funnels.

  4. Preparing the project financial plans and Return of investment targets.

  5. Marketing & Sales strategies, plan budgets, monitoring and implementation.

  6. Financial preparation for fund recruitment – targeting a variety of investor’s type (private investors, Banks, funds, etc.’…).

  7. Construction supervision & Support:
    a. Value engineering - minimizing your current project construction and materials costs. 
    b. Suppliers analysis and comparisons.

  8. Development of special financial products for your future clients, in order to simplify the purchasing process by offering financial optimized terms.

  9. Sales process support – working closely with the sales team and optimizing their results via specialized techniques and solutions.

  10. Other “tailor-made” services to accommodate the project’s and developer’s need.


Financial advisory and investments for real estate projects:

A part of our advisory services for developers and real estate investors includes also an advisory process for the project’s fund raising. 
In some cases and in accordance to pre-selected eligibility criteria’s, MCBA may consider also to invest directly or via our investment network within our partners and clients' projects. It will usually require a deep involvement in the pre-planning, concept, marketing, operational steps for a perfect project implementation. 

​MCBA incorporates many elements of diagnostic procedures, risk assessment models, supervision and control throughout the process. The MCBA expert team operates as an internal committee for the examination and analysis of each project before it is proposed to our private investment groups.​

We have the power and the know how to support your challenge and as well, in some cases, to partner with you.
contact us today to schedule a personal meeting and evaluate  together how we can help you in achieving your business success

"Throughout the years, real estate investments have been the safest and most profitable ones.

However, in many of the cases we meet, real-estate developers did not assimilate the “new market” procedures which have been required after the financial crisis. As the market evolved and changed, clients had new demands, as well as financiers, and governmental regulations, making experiences, real estate developer, operate in a new environment as beginners.


Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) provide you with a the complete solution we developed, to assure your entire project needs.


We operate from a business perspective of maximizing the profit in every step throughout the real-estate project completion and sales process, saving the developer enormous amounts and turning them into profit".

Alon Peled

CEO & Founder of Mentor Capital

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