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Our PR, Marketing & Sales (PMS) department is a unique hybrid solution, developed for our clients and structured under their specifications, market demands and maximizing the profitability of each project. This solution allows the developer to concentrate on the construction aspect while the incoming cash flow from the sales department is flowing in a steady and secured way due to the well prepared plan.

These days, Real estate projects are not only high quality construction but as well a branding that should fit the target audience and overcome the competition within this market as well – this is our target in the PMS department.

Our expert advisors are leading PR and marketing development managers, successfully and known in the Romanian market, knowing the publicity channels, the target audience and as well the preparation of a feasible marketing & sales plan.

Unlike other advisory firms, we do not provide only theory consultation, we offer active participation through our professional departments.

Following our strategic plan for PR and Marketing, we provide as well hands-on sales services through a professional sales team which will be dedicated to the chosen project and will operate on “the ground”.

We believe in our strategic decisions within the PR & marketing domain and we believe in our expert advisors getting the job done, therefore we agree to participate in a hands-on position in the direct sales, as well.

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