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Operating a perfect hotel doesn’t guarantee success, if there is no professional Marketing & Sales operations, which highlight your hotel and make it stand out in a sea of competitors.

As part of MCBA Operational & Management Services, our expert team covers the entire sales & marketing scope, from primary marketing plans, to PR services, Sales process and on-line / offline marketing & sales services.

Our Sales & Marketing process is structured individually to every hotel while taking into consideration the need of high efficiency while using different types of budgets using creative methods to reduce it and bring a better ration / return of Investment.


The hotel marketing services also include the following points:

  • Hotel branding

  • Website management

  • PR plan & implementation

  • Social media plan, daily management and implementation

  • Event strategy- pricing, plan, packages and management

  • Entertainment programs - All year/ Seasonal, entertainment management

And more.

Hotel Sales Department - Generating & increasing sales:

The Sales & Marketing process doesn’t end when the client arrived to the hotel... it’s actually just starting!
Our expert team will meet & train any individual working within the hotel operations, to become a highly professional skilled sales person of the hotel product and services, to assure up-sales and client comfort.

Besides improving on your existing Sales & Marketing parameters, in MCBA we operate with an extra level of generating and increasing sales.

A dedicated expert from our team will analyze the hotel capability for business development and other business niches that can enlarge the hotel incoming revenue. Our focus is increasing sales from external sources (collaborators) but as well from within the hotel workers; as well believe almost every worker is a sales person!

The hotel sales management services also include the following points:

  • Clients follow up & communication management system (CRM)

  • Development of annual sales & semiannual plans, targets and monition them

  • Developing motivational sales plans. Targets & bonusesfor the employees

  • Training the sales team, waiters, receptionist, and every other team member within the hotel to follow within the sales guidelines

  • Developing sales external sources –, travel agent networks and affiliate systems

  • Creating sales /seasonal packages & niches to increase room sales. 


And more

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