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MCBA Secured investment model

Mentor Capital enables private investors with different investment capacities to become partners in leading real estate projects and enjoy a guaranteed return of Investment and profits in the short to medium term.


Our unique investment model was developed to incorporate 3 key elements:

  1. The possibility for the private investor to enjoy from large real estate projects with high returns.

  2. Maintain a consistent low-risk approach while providing guarantees and collateral.

  3. In-depth know-how within the local market and operating only in the markets we know well, with complete control over the project's progress and in the local arena in all aspects.​​


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Selecting our investments  


Mentor Capital’s guaranteed investment model integrates several elements during the project’s selection.

We incorporate models for risk assessment, supervision, and control throughout the project cycle and adequate guarantees to ensure the Investment through in-depth analysis diagnostic procedures.


Following these guidelines, only projects that meet our strict standards are selected, and all these ensures the required return of the Investment and the predetermined profit.


We fully trust every project we present to our investors.

Therefore we cannot consider any other way but to join in together and have “skin in the game.” As a part of Mentor Capital strategy, our company will invest a similar amount to the one collected via the investment group.

Our unique investment model - guaranteed ROI


Mentor Capital offers almost every investor the opportunity to participate in the entrepreneurial dream and invest in carefully selected real estate projects, which are low-risk, carrying a guaranteed return of Investment (ROI) in the short to medium term.


How we secure the investments?

  • The return on Investment carries a guaranteed yield/profits.

  • The Investment includes guarantees and collateral for the investors - every investor receives real estate guarantees in the form of a pledge of rights in the property and all accompanying assets.

  • The bank account is managed by a trustee and is under legal supervision.

  • The project’s profits give exclusive priority to return the Investment to private investors before the developer.

  • Our projects are carefully selected and professionally evaluated.

  • Full transparency throughout the process and ongoing reports until the transaction/process  is completed


The MCBA Investment Committee  

Since our ultimate target is optimizing our projects' selection process, we have incorporated a unique investment committee.

The MCBA committee includes experts from the required domains:
Engineering team

  • Legal & taxation experts

  • Valuation team

  • Marketing and sales specialists

All the above are jointly examined each project submitted to the company to build the risk model and decide whether the project meets the required entry rules.

When the project is presented to the investors and partners, it has actually passed the internal approval process to ensure that it meets all the MCBA criteria

Projects evalautaion process 

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