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A business in its early stage, requires other needs and has also different budgets. Acknowledging that, we have created a special and a complete Advisory Pack & business development designed for early stage businesses.

The seed stage is actually - the very beginning stage of the business lifecycle, before your startup is officially in existence.
You may have your business idea and you might be ready to move on…. But first you must assess just how viable your venture is likely to be.

Dreaming about your own company is easy, doing things right is more challenging!

Entrepreneurial ventures are always starting with positive vibes and hoping to do things right, trying to avoid mistakes that will influence the business in the following months… mistakes that we even didn’t consider doing, but they are a part of a process.

In the process, you shall use a lawyer, to take care the legal stuff. You shall hire accountant do deal with your financial reports… but are you positive that you are trained enough in the business arena?
Do you know the market enough to avoid crucial mistakes?

ESB PROGRAM for Seed companies

MCBA startup pack for seed stage Entrepreneurs, contains the most important key guidelines that every seed stage company requires for an optimized development stage. It includes:

  • A step by step guide to setting up a company in Romania

  • Validating your business plan feasibility & profitability channels

  • Developing the business structure and the operation processes

  • Setting up the marketing conceptual guidelines for your company (services/products)

  • Developing the sales process towards the chosen markets

  • Preparation of marketing materials at an international & highly professional level

  • Preliminary Legal advisory for - shareholders agreement, client agreements, intellectual property etc.

  • Tax & financial structure advisory


ESB PROGRAM for seed companies (CSR)

MCBA special ESB program (early stage business) supports companies at their seed stages.
We select 5 companies every year in which we provide with a semi-sponsored scholarship to help them in passing successfully the seed stage.

Terms & conditions to apply for ESB program:

  • Completion of the application form

  • A personal interview with all the seed company’s shareholders

  • A Re-validation of your company’s concept feasibility by our advisory board (at no fee)

  • An obligation to sustain and follow the ESB development process for a minimum of 6 months

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