Active business advisory targeting business growth, company development and profit optimizations.

We advise and support companies who wish to enter the Romanian market, throughout the process, offering a practical approach, proactive involvement, large and active network of suppliers / contacts and reduction of the operating risk for each step.

Helping corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to reach their targets and fulfill their purpose

Using our own developed copyright method - PELM® Executive Coaching


A special executive coaching method, designed and developed through more than 20 years of concrete business experience and based on real situations arisen by coaching and mentoring hundreds of executives, mid-high level position manager’s and business owner

Supporting companies who aims to scale up from being a start-up towards the next level and global markets. 

We offer close support throughout the process up to the desired Exit stage (if any).

Raising investment from investors is a major milestone for any startup business as for many startups, it’s impossible to grow without this investment.  The process of reaching an investor is quite complex and sometimes even getting the chance to talk with an investor is a huge opportunity, and needs to be taken seriously by any business owner. Once you get the opportunity, you cannot blow it with the wrong pitch!

MCBA supports businesses in their Exit strategy.

EPSM - Exit Planning, Solutions & Management is a special developed model for an exit strategy which is composed of many different business disciplines, operating together in complete synergy.

MCBA operates the complete Exit Planning, Solutions & Management (EPSM) allowing you to target yourself and your business activity for a large profitable.

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) is a private equity investment company and a strategic investor.
We provide companies with capital investment and unique financial instruments to achieve growth and solve situations of distress.

A special department for real estate investment & Real estate project development,  offering a complete solution, bringing your project into financial optimization via complete hands-on solutions.

MCBA launched the marketing & sales accelerator division in order to answer in immediate need of our clients – GROWTH! 

​EVO was created to help with our client’s necessities, seeking for high quality marketing and brand reputation services .

Unlikely to an external agency which provides outsourcing services, we are working with an internal special integrated method.

MCBA's hotel management & operational service, operate efficiently hotels In all sizes, while solving distress situations, increasing the operational activities, financial incomes and support further hotel development, along with financial investment (on a case by case). As a premium management company, our highly dedicated team of savvy professionals, together with our deeply resourced company, possess an unassailable skill set required to generate industry high profit margins, capture impressive market share, and deliver highly personalized customer service.

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory provides a large range of services for Israeli companies who are seeking to enter into the Romanian market & Eastern Europe.

MCBA via the Israeli Desk (in Hebrew language) , is actively supporting Israeli firms who are looking to expand their activities within this region, starting with the formulation of their global strategies up to a complete implementation & operation within the chosen market.

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