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Developing a startup to become a global business player, requires its managers to acquire and adapt a totally new set of skills, not necessarily the one which has served them when initiating and managing the current company’s activity.

We often meet brilliant entrepreneurs who built a local successful business, but lacking the skills, know how or budgets to take it further to the next step and join global markets.

Acknowledging that, we have created a special and a complete advisory packages based on a business development approach designed especially for early stage businesses.

Who can benefit from our special advisory packages?

  • Companies in seeds stage backed with preliminary investors, seeking to create in this stage the validated strategy to bring them faster to the global markets.

  • Companies in a start up stage  - having already an existing company and a small team, proven cash flow with signals of growth, seeking to build a rapid and safe entrance to the global market and enlarge also their local activities

  • Companies in startup stages who is seeking to exit their company (sell out) in the coming 2 years but lacking the know-how, strategy and network to discuss with potential investors and becoming eligible as a considerable company for exit


All the above 3 cases, require a reliable partnership with trustworthy advisor which can take you “hand in hand” to the desired target.

company growth chart.png

The advisory process given by an MCBA advisor, specialized in working with startups and scaling them up, will be one of the great changes and upgrade any founder can desire for.

The process integrate a deep strategical work, backed with market understanding and clear KPI’s established to bring us together towards the next steps.

We will advise and support you throughout the process of shifting from the startup age to the scale up age. The process requires a new mindset and executive skills that we will add into your business, develop it together and create the targeted growth of the business into the next level.

Following over 20 years of entrepreneurial and advisory activity, developing a large number of industries, we created the following milestones which are necessary for each and every advisory service to become a successful one:


  • Setting in advance the company’s target and the advisory process KPI’s.

  • Applying a holistic approach tackling several boundaries in order to ensure growth.

  • Operating “hand in hand” together with your selected team or directly with the shareholder/founder.

  • Keeping an efficient approach and not applying unnecessary advisory hours for consultancies that can be done in house by your local team.

  • Applying a proactive philosophy, leading the process and offering immediate solutions.
    Unlike a “coaching” approach, we believe that a professional business advisor must come with concrete solutions

  • Supporting and advising contractual terms and guidelines for partnerships and investors.

  • Supporting the founders in road shows, direct discussions with funds and investors and preparation to the process.

  • Empowering your management team and boosting your company all the way to the desired market position.  

Our key line is about moving fast in accordance to the market dynamics.
This is usually possible only when having an experienced lead consultant and a great team behind them, one that can support you in critical moments and unlock different blockage – financial, marketing, managerial and operational


We have the power and the know how to help you as well and partner with you– contact us today to schedule a personal meeting and evaluate  together how we can help you in achieving your business success

Contact Us - in order to scale up your startup into a Global player

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