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A business in its early stage, requires other needs and has also different budgets. Acknowledging that, we have created a special and a complete Advisory Pack & business development designed for early stage businesses.

Once you have checked the viability of your idea and launched your company, you will enter at this preliminary stage into a variety of decisions, which are considered to be the most risky ones in the survival of the business and its future activity and growth.
Mistakes made at this stage, impact the company for the following years to come and are the actual primary reason, that majority of the startups does not reach to their 2nd birthday.

Opening a company is easy, doing things right is more challenging!


The ESB (early stage programs) support companies which have already opened their firm.
They might be in the very early stage of starting their business or within their first 3 years of activity.

We often meet companies who have started their business activity, but fail to succeed.
The scenarios we see are incorporated from one or more of the following difficulties they are facing

  • They cannot allocate projects & clients

  • They can’t close deals (even when they meet clients)

  • Difficulties to compete in a narrow niche/market

  • Financial issues – payment collection challenges, small profit margins, high costs per income ratio…

  • Personal issues between partners / shareholders / workers that affect the company’s activities

  • No profits.

It is never late to change your path.
We act in a dynamic surrounding where all the companies are forced to continually change and modify their strategies and actions.
Our ESB program will support you in this journey and empower your entrepreneurial skills so you can manage along current and future changes within your business.

ESB PROGRAM for Startup companies

MCBA startup pack for startup companies, contains the most important key guidelines that every startup company requires for an optimized development & growth stage.

It includes the following elements:

  • Identifying the “bottle neck” of the company operation.

  • Developing the business structure & the operation processes

  • Validating  the business models of the company and product

  • Setting up the marketing conceptual guidelines for your company (services/products)

  • Developing of the sales process towards the chosen markets

  • Preparation of marketing material in international level

  • Preliminary Legal advisory for - shareholders agreement, client agreements, intellectual property etc.

  • Tax & financial structure advisory

  • Structure access to funding – depend on business types.

  • Support in creating the needed business networking



We know that startup’s might not always have the budget, which is so critical in order to get professional support which is essential for its growth. Because of that, MCBA created a special ESB Startup’s program (early stage business) which supports companies at their startups stages (0-3 years of activities)

We select 10 companies every year in which we provide with a semi-sponsored scholarship 

Terms & conditions to apply for ESB program:

  • Completion of the application form

  • A personal interview with all the company’s shareholders

  • A Re-validation of your company’s concept feasibility by our advisory board (at no fee)

  • An obligation to sustain and follow the ESB development process for a minimum of 6 months

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