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MCBA Tax lawyers assist our clients in responding to the challenges of the current environment by emphasizing the development of creative, practical solutions to tax problems.


The focus of the Tax Practice reflects the changing business environment in which we live. The tax law is becoming more dispute-oriented, more international in scope and, despite efforts to the contrary, more complicated and subject to frequent revision.

The client service challenges created by complexity and change are addressed in part by the identification and development of Firm leaders in key areas of practice. 

Our lawyers combine extensive experience with an understanding of the latest developments in their field, and many have been recognized as among the world’s outstanding tax practitioners. 

The knowledge and experience are supported as well with specialize tax advisors within the MCBA expert advisors, to cover all the tax and legal aspects.


Legal expertise

Our lawyers provide legal services in relation to client Representation in tax-based disputes from any kind.

All the legal services will be provided along with specializing Tax experts (finance division).

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