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Business Development – The Complete Cycle


Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA), is a leading firm dedicated to providing unique solutions for companies seeking growth, market expansion, and enhanced financial performance.

Unlike conventional advisory firms, we stand apart by actively participating through our local team and professional departments.
Our advisors, including CEOs, CFOs, and top managers from the Mentor Group Holdings Consortium, boast over 20 years of hands-on business management experience and successful transactions across diverse domains.

Our advisory approach centers around creating successful strategies while emphasizing practical solutions for immediate implementation within your firm. At MCBA, we are genuinely invested in driving your success, making tangible contributions to your business every step of the way.

Flexible Framework – Focusing on Your Needs

We carefully design the framework and advisory process to optimize schedules and cater to the unique needs of each firm we encounter.

This philosophy arises from the understanding that companies differ in their requirements. While some seek comprehensive action plans, others may focus on developing and enhancing specific elements hindering their growth, such as sales procedures, marketing plans, HR situations, or financial structuring.

For such instances, we offer immediate strategies and action plans centered around a single need, with a clear deadline.
Our approach aims to deliver impactful results, addressing individual business challenges with precision and efficiency.

Preparing you for an Exit - Embracing a Shared Risk Approach

Over the years, we've recognized the immense impact a skilled advisor can have on any firm. Yet, we've observed that most advisors often refrain from taking any risks, settling for mere guidance.

Our approach stands apart with a holistic and distinctive perspective. If your company is deemed an eligible candidate for investment, we offer to go beyond conventional advisory roles. We're willing to share the risk and delve deeper, empowering your growth and preparing you for potential investment entry.

Our expertise is focused exclusively on companies seeking development, expansion, and financial growth. We meticulously select our clientele and partners, valuing a shared commitment to risk and continuous development.

Together, we forge a path to gain and sustain a competitive position in the market, creating robust long-term strategies and effective implementations.

Our full cycle business development process includes the following steps:

Hands-on Operational & Development  Services
Operational Strategic Development
Preliminary due-diligence assessment
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