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Business Development – The Complete Cycle


Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) provide unique solutions for companies, who are seeking to achieve growth within their business, enter into new markets and boost their financial results.

Unlike other advisory firms, we do not provide only theory consultation, we offer active participation through our local team and professional departments.
Our advisors are positioned as CEO’s, CFO’s and top managers within Mentor Group Holdings Consortium.

All of them are carrying more than 20 years of active business management and successful transactions in all the domains.
As such, our advisory approach is indeed based on creating successful strategies, but mainly on proposing practical solutions for immediate implementation within your firm.


Flexible framework - focusing on your needs

We develop the framework and the proposed advisory process, to optimize the schedule and needs for each and every firm we meet.
This philosophy is in place because some companies seek for a deeper action plans while some of them actually needs to develop
and boost a single element which is holding their growth (such as – Sales procedures, Marketing plan, HR situations, Financial structuring etc’.)
In such cases, we may propose an immediate strategy & action plan based one single need and a clear deadline.


Read more about it here.

Preparing you for an EXIT - Sharing the risk approach
Throughout the years we acknowledged, a good advisor can create a significant change within any firm, however, most of the advisors, usually does not take any risks by simply advising.
Our approach is holistic and unique, as in case you will be found as an eligible candidate to be considered for investment by our Private equity firm (Mentor finance – link here), we may offer to share the risk with you and get involved at a deeper level, by boosting your growth and prepare you for becoming an eligible firm for investment entry.
We advise only to companies which are seeking for development, expansion and financial growth. We choose our Clientele / partners in a careful manner as we are willing to share with them the risk, in their ongoing development, help them gain and sustain a competitive position in the Market and create a long term strategy and implementations.
We offer hands-on market business development operations, along with financial investments, according to our Private equity investment company – Mentor Finance


Read more about our Exit proposal & guaranteed investment here

Our full cycle business development process includes the following steps

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Hands-on Operational & Development  Services
Operational Strategic Development
Preliminary due-diligence assessment

More info about our services for local companies :

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