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Exit Planning, Solutions & Management (EPSM)

What is a Business Exit Strategy?

A business exit strategy is a well-developed strategic plan, accompanied by a set of operational, managerial and financial steps, allowing the entrepreneur to sell their company ownership (either the complete ownership or partially - Complete Exit or a Partial Exit) to investors, financial institutions or another company.

Why exit?

An exit strategy gives the business owner a way to reduce or liquidate his shareholding position in the business. In case the business is successful and was well-prepared for the Exit process, a successful exit process will surely create a substantial profit for the entrepreneur.

If the business is not successful, an exit strategy enables the entrepreneur to limit his losses.

There are various targets for an EPSM process. Among them:

  • Optimizing the business value of the company, according to the exit type;

  • Targeting other objectives, that may be pursued in the process of increasing the company value;

  • Promoting the company development to the next market generation;

  • Strengthening personnel value & achievements;

  • Developing new products according to the developed market segments;

  • Creation of internal financial models for increasing the company’s liquidity;

And many other reasons.

Taking into account the complexities of an exit process, we have developed a unique approach in MCBA that addresses all the needs, based on our accumulated know-how, long-term experience and our comprehensive success in this field.

The EPSM process developed by Mentor Capital is composed of several different business disciplines, operating together in complete synergy, allowing the process to be implemented with flexibility in a variety of business domains and in different business stages.

Any business, at any stage, can develop a successful exit strategy. MCBA operates the complete Exit Planning, Solutions & Management (EPSM) allowing you to target yourself and your business activity for a large profitable exit.

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