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Alon Peled - CEO

“The business market is full of opportunities and unique advantages, alongside with difficulties, challenges, and setbacks, which oblige every company, newcomer or existing one, to adjust itself to the right business environment and market variables, while making repeated internal evaluations and aspire for perfection.

Following almost 2 decades of active corporate operations, variety of investment structures and business advisory all over the globe, it’s only natural that MCBA acquired a dominant market position as a leading Business investment Mentor, due to its capabilities to support local and foreign companies, CEOs, board members and founders in applying special business measurements to reduce their operational risks, develop a successful sustainable activity alongside to providing investment. 


We created a different approach towards our clients and partners, an approach that was proven as a successful one, based on our high success rate - the Business Mentor approach.
Accompanying many companies and projects over the years, we noticed that the market proposes different advisory solutions. Some are making reports, some giving theoretical advice, but not really specific guidance, some are “coaching” your soul for better results, but no one gives you the complete solution.

MCBA acts as “Business investment Mentor”, when each and every company we serve, is guided in the process “hand in hand”, prepare internally the required reports and analysis for the process by our professional in-house analysts, provide you with practical advises and set the progress routes with you in all times, support you during crisis in a professional scale and expose your business to financial options.


The Business Investment Mentor solution is applied perfectly to any business entity, project or person (CEO, Board member, Entrepreneur) based on the status required.


Our key line is about moving fast in accordance to the market dynamics.
This is usually possible only when having an experienced leadership advisor and a great team behind them, one that can support you in critical moments and unlock different blockage – financial, marketing, managerial and operational


Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA), provide not only theoretical advisory but mainly efficient operational tools, financial investment, exit strategies, direct clientele, local business contacts, corporate network and access to suppliers, as well, Hands-on services, all to be integrated into your daily work, exactly in the same manner we act within our own investment. 

This “hybrid” approach, was created to answer real needs and requirements instead of providing endless reports.

​Sharing our vast experience, together with you, whether you are a new startup company or a company who simply wish to grow locally or aboard, we will help you in tackling and eliminating all kinds of challenges while reaching your goals faster and optimizing the efficiency levels. 


Our team of experts are taking this task with utmost importance and passion.
We will apply an effective, economic and direct approach to boost your growth, exactly as we do in our own companies.

I invite you to join forces with us, for a mind-opening process which will certainly bring new concepts to shift your business in positive & long term directions.“

Alon Peled,
Executive Business Adviser

CEO & Head of Advisory Board 

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory Ltd

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