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Home Décor Company

Shareholders Nationality: Romania  Country of Operation: Romania

Case Study background:

A home Décor Company, operating for the last 3 years - mid-term startup. The company is established from 1 owner and 5 employees. The company import home Décor products and sell it locally, but the sales are not taking off, the clientele rate is low and the monthly costs are above the incomes. The owner have targets but no plans how to achieve them.

Usually our company is not operating with startup companies, but after analyzing the case and evaluating our large ability to develop the company, we decided to work with the client. 

case 7 decor.png

The Challenges:

  1. The company concept is lack of a clear vision and target along with the way to implement them.

  2. High operational costs – salaries, showroom, import fees, operational.

  3. High pricing in the local market, effect directly the sales

  4. Low channels of income from sales.

  5. Low marketing impact on the market with no market access – client don’t know the company and its products.



  1. Goal 1 – evaluating the entire process flow from importing to client sales. Creating a valuable and realistic business activity.

  2. Goal 2 – reduce the operational costs and other financial commitments.

  3. Goal 3 – analyze the suppliers cost and reduce them or change suppliers.

  4. Goal 4 – develop and implement a durable marketing and sales plan.

  5. Goal 5 – allow target audience to know our product and buy it.



  1. The business activity was analyzed in a detailed process, allowing us to agree on a new concept for the business, which effect the entire operational plan, the clientele and the sales.

  2. A detailed marketing and sales study was developed which led the company to launch an online shop alongside the show room and sell in both channels. This was followed by other marketing promotions as exhibitions, targeted networking, etc’...

  3. The operational costs were reduces in 47%, allowing to have the free budget for other requirements.

  4. Sales performance were updated by specific training for offline & online sales which directly increased the sales with 346%.

  5. A special online media campaign was launched by EVO-MCBA, using low budgets and state of the art technologies to boost the company brand – increase of engagement with 2122%.



Within a short period,
MCBA team has managed to change my company to become much more marketable, sales and service oriented.
​In the same period they managed to develop the right financial tools that makes us capable of keeping track of our business and being able to expand further … Impressive!

Lavinia Matache - Owner

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