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The objective of a preliminary in-depth Market Analysis, is to assess the market potential for your products or services and to identify potential hurdles and risks.

For that purpose, all the accessible and relevant sources will be analyzed carefully, forming a comprehensive overview of the considered Romanian market sector.


In-depth market analysis shall provide the needed background for the study which determines through several business scenarios, the chosen entry strategy, including recommendations on what steps have to be taken next.

We can provide you with such report or to work with the one you have conducted so far, adding our value and optimizing the collected information towards a final review, which will be the significant first milestone in your market entry.

In a dynamic world, full of changes and fast shifts, we acknowledge that reports are important, but the work to be handled following each report is the most significant one.
This is why we pay attention to the reports as a first milestone only, while the main focus shall be in the actual implementation process.
A good report will indicate whether your direction and philosophy is correct, but a great process will include also direction and ideas to lead you in the spots where the answer is not very clear.

Report content at a glance:

According to each client’s individual requirements, we shall analyze several reliable information sources along with internal information, which will be gathered through industry leading personnel which operates with us. We cover several information streams to validate the data into perfection.

Further to that, our team shall execute a thorough investigation on the market variables and status – All data will be accumulated and exploited to answers for the following questions:


  • SWOT-Analysis:

       What are the client’s strengths and weaknesses and the corresponding threats and opportunities in the Romanian market?

  • Analysis of the relevant Romanian market sector:
    Economic development, legal restrictions, technological factors, etc.

  • Competitor Analysis:

       Who are your most important competitors in the Romanian market?
       What marketing strategy do they apply? What cooperation partners do they work with? What sales channels do they use?

       What sales channels they do not use and why?

  • Customer Analysis:

       What do Romanian customers expect from companies in the respective market sector?

       Where do they buy? Who are the most important wholesalers and retailers in your domain?
       What demand and requirements do these wholesalers and retailers have?
       What is their attitude towards new brand’s products?


  • Potential Cooperation & Partners:

       Who could be important and interesting cooperation partners in Romania?
       Indicating added value to be searched for such a cooperation.


Data accumulation and in-depth Analysis:
(Data can vary due to the business domain and client requests)

According to the collected data and its analysis, Mentor will provide a professional structured report which includes:

  • An Overview of the considered Romanian market sector and the client’s potential position within this market

  • An Overview of the client’s most important competitors and their business activities in the Romanian market

  • An Overview of Romanian customers’ requirements

  • A List of the most important wholesalers and retailers

  • A List of potential cooperation partners

  • Recommendations on what steps have to be taken next


Let us guide you through this complicated process of expanding your business into the Romanian market. 
We welcome the opportunity to partner with you

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